When is a Tale not a Fairy Tale?: “OUAT” 5.1 Review PART 1


Dark Swan Emma

Season five is now upon us! The glitzy, cringe-fest, character-studded opera that we love, hate, and hate to admit we love, is back. ABC’s Once Upon a Time (OUAT) opened its season five with “The Dark Swan,” returning to the dilemma we last left: will Emma be more Savior or Dark One? Read more... “When is a Tale not a Fairy Tale?: “OUAT” 5.1 Review PART 1”

Introducing America to TV Commercials

On the first day of July in 1941 a few lucky New Yorkers with televisions tuned in to the WNBT station to see their Brooklyn Dodgers take on the visiting Phillies. The handful of baseball fans who got to their television sets early for this broadcast were about the experience history: they were about to see the first ever paid television advertisement. Read more... “Introducing America to TV Commercials”

The Clothes Make the Fairy Tale: “Goldie and Bear” 1.2 Review

For new viewers and readers, Goldie and Bear is Disney Junior’s latest fairy tale-themed television show. It’s cute and clever and computerized-cuddly. The season premiere confirmed that this show could prove its mettle. And most wonderfully, this second episode bought my viewership by showcasing my obsession, the one and only Little Red Riding Hood! Read more... “The Clothes Make the Fairy Tale: “Goldie and Bear” 1.2 Review”

Everything in Proportion: “Goldie and Bear” 1.1 Review


Goldie and Bear is a clever, wink-wink-nudge-nudge, fairy tale romp that is aimed towards children (it will premiere on Disney Junior) but delighted even this fully grown grown-up. Granted, this grown-up has a very high threshold for whimsy, but this children’s show is the real deal. Read more... “Everything in Proportion: “Goldie and Bear” 1.1 Review”

Promotional Small-Screen Fairies

Visualizing Wonder is project devoted to the neglected study and education of fairy tales on television. With tools like a searchable teleography and visualizations showing which characters show up on which shows we’ve made great strides is showing television’s love affair with fairy tales. Read more... “Promotional Small-Screen Fairies”