“Pan” Post-Mortem: A Peter Pan Story in Name Only

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Sadly, the latest big-screen adaption of Peter Pan has failed in almost every way possible. From a business perspective, the film will end up costing Warner Bros., the studio that funded the project, a staggering $100 million or more. The film was made on a budget of $150 million and spent nearly the same amount on a global marketing campaign. Read more... ““Pan” Post-Mortem: A Peter Pan Story in Name Only”

Our World, Sofia’s World: “Sofia the First” review Pt 2


On October 12th, Sofia the First aired “The Secret Library,” an episode featuring an obvious secret library and a not-so-obvious secret river with depicted Disney “realms.” These Disney “realms” showcase worlds inhabited by Disney Princesses—Cinderella’s fairy tale castle, Merida’s misty cliffs, and Tiana’s New Orlean bayou, among others. Read more... “Our World, Sofia’s World: “Sofia the First” review Pt 2”

Makeover Merida? Not Here!: “Sofia the First” review Pt 1

IMG_1099October 12th finally marked the entrance of Princess Merida (from Disney/Pixar’s Brave) in Sofia the First: “The Secret Library.” Sofia the First, Disney Junior’s princess escapade show for kiddies, has the same fanfiction-y pleasure as ABC’s Once Upon a Time, with Disney Princesses often cameoing to impart advice, songs, and general royal screen presence. Read more... “Makeover Merida? Not Here!: “Sofia the First” review Pt 1”

The Artistic Revolution of the 1960s

In Donald Haase’s “The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy Tales: A-F” Wolfgang Mieder uses the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin to describe the practicality and efficiency of using folklore and fairy tale iconography in advertising. He likens the pied piper to a “symbol of the world of advertising” who would “play his pipe ever so sweetly and the consumers following him without resisting his charming and manipulative music.” Read more... “The Artistic Revolution of the 1960s”

Pied Piper in Police Procedurals


Picture the scene: police tape, a music institute, a car, and inside the car, a well-esteemed music teacher—or what’s left of the well-esteemed music teacher. Crawling over him and in him and through him are the furry bodies of nightmares, rats.  Read more... “Pied Piper in Police Procedurals”

Redheads and…Dead Heads?: “OUAT” 5.1 Review PART 2


We return to the season five premiere of ABC’s Once Upon a Time (OUAT), which we first covered in this post. OUAT is known for its character-a-minute cameos, but this week featured the best untamed mane in the business: Merida, from Disney/Pixar’s Brave.  Read more... “Redheads and…Dead Heads?: “OUAT” 5.1 Review PART 2”