Destination: Western States Folklore Conference

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Western States Folklore Society is celebrating 75 years at their 2016 meeting! Three of the FTTV Project Participants are going to UC Berkley this April for the WSFS Conference to present the panel entitled “Fat Fairies, Mashups, and Advertisements: The Hypnotic Effect of TV Fairy Tales.” Read more... “Destination: Western States Folklore Conference”

BYU American Studies Crosspost

The following post was originally published on the BYU American Studies blog. Dr Jill Rudy, the leader of our research team at, was interviewed by Olivia Nelson about the origins of Rudy’s book “Channeling Wonder,” trends in modern fairytales, and advice for aspiring scholars. Read more... “BYU American Studies Crosspost”

The Un-Birthday Party: Celebrating the Updated Database

IMG_3795In the quaint room filled with Hogwarts-esque armchairs, Alice in Wonderland admirers gathered together to enjoy a smashing un-birthday party on January 27, Lewis Carroll’s 184th birthday.

Herbal tea, cocoa, and cookies were consumed while the FTTV project participants discussed all things Alice and presented the new database layout. Read more... “The Un-Birthday Party: Celebrating the Updated Database”