Once Upon A Time Event: October 13th!

OUAT Event Flyer FINALThe BYU Fairy Tales & Television Group is having an event and we would like you all to join us!

As you read about in Erica’s post, season 7 of Once Upon A Time is going to look a little different. After the two-part, tied-in-a-bow season 6 finale titled “The Final Battle,” which ended with a minute-long montage of all the characters smiling fondly at each other, which itself came after an episode with a WEDDING which also happened to be a MUSICAL, news of a renewal came as a surprise to a lot of audience members. News of main characters (Jennifer Morrison’s Emma Swan, Ginnifer Goodwin’s Snow White, and Josh Dallas’ Prince Charming) not returning for season seven raised even more eyebrows.

Season 7 seems to be starting on a reset unlike any reset Once Upon A Time has yet seen, which is evidenced by this trailer and the almost completely new set of lead characters. The concept of OUAT has always been “what if fairy tale characters were real?” and season 7 is keeping this concept. However, the reset seems to be playing further into the reality of fairy tales as folklore. The story of “Cinderella” can be found in endless forms in different cultures and traditions, as can the bulk of fairy tale stories. The nature of these stories is that they are not set in stone and they can be infinitely retold. In the OUAT mythology, this seems to be signified by “hundreds of other books,” similar to the one that belongs to Henry and contains the stories of the Storybrooke characters we have met so far on OUAT. We find all this out from this sneak peek, explaining why this reset is expected to bring such a significant universe expansion. (Video here)

We also know that there is a new curse, more memory wipes, and an entirely new setting the characters find themselves in: Hyperion Heights, a neighborhood in Seattle.

Erica has shared her predictions, many of us have some of our own, we may even throw in a little theory on TV endings / beginnings, throw it back to our salon discussion last year.

Join us! There will be popcorn and snacks and we will chat through the commercial breaks and after the episode, swapping theories and discussing what this means for the “Golden Age of Fairy Tale Television.”

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