UnBirthday Tea Party: “We’re All Mad Here”

Join us at 3pm on Friday, January 26th, for our Annual UnBirthday Tea Party! We are in our fourth consecutive year of UnBirthday Parties, and it’s one of our favorite events! Bring your own tea cup (or mug) to the FLAC in B003 JFSB to learn and chat about all things Alice related. We’ll supply the tea and cookies (no promises as to whether they make you grow or shrink). In the past, we’ve had presentations about large-scale live-action movie adaptations and what that means for our project with Fairy Tale Television, facts about the various adaptations, this story’s resonance with culture through time, and celebrations of new versions of our database!

This year, team member Erica has planned material playing off her research on madness and Alice. Erica is our resident Once Upon a Time expert, so expect lots of great OUATness, and a lot of unexpected connections with music, pop culture, and current and past television. You have no idea how much Alice in Wonderland we can pack into an hour-long activity.


Come explore, down the magical rabbit hole of the FTTV Database where what you find is often nothing like what you expected, and we’re all mad. Mad for fairy tales!

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