The Return: An Ongoing Transformation

In fairy tales, transformations from one creature to another are wonderful and instantaneous. Change is rarely so instantaneous or painless in reality. We have been working behind the scenes to prepare a fairy godmother worthy transformation of the Fairy Tales and Television project.

We at the FTTV are excited to announce that we’ve returned to our home here on the blog and at our website! Things around here will be in process of changing for the next few months as the project shifts gears and focus.

Here’s what you can expect going forward:

The Website

Our homepage is getting a makeover! It has yet to go into full effect but be on the lookout for the new and improved fairytale and television hub. Our television filmography (teleography, if you will) is still active and maintained, and will be available throughout the transition process.

A sneak peak of our new, beautiful website, with many thanks to Brian Croxall, Tory Anderson, and countless others at the Digital Humanities office here at BYU.

FTTV logo

The Blog

The blog, hosted here, will be returning to full activity. In connection with our database of fairy tale television, graduate and undergraduate students working with Dr. Rudy, the head of the project, will continue to present, analyze, and discuss fairy tales, TV, and everything in between. In addition, the blog will feature work by students in Dr. Rudy’s ongoing classes as they explore adaptation and folklore.

The Book

Did you know the director of this project literally wrote the book on fairy tales on television? Published earlier this summer by Routledge, the appropriately named Fairy-Tale TV is an instructive introductory text and guidebook by our own Dr. Jill Rudy and her co-writer Pauline Greenhilll of the University of Winnipeg.

Routledge guidebook cover

We will be covering some of the topics presented by the new book on this blog in the coming weeks. So be on the lookout!

Thank you for sticking with us and we hope to see you soon!

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